Hospitality Hiring Crisis

stacey j
3 min readJul 12, 2021


Written By Katrina Summers of KSB

Are you amidst the “perfect storm” in the hospitality industry? Trying to lead with heart, fill the roles, recruit team members and empower the folks around you all while being the GM/front desk agent, food runner, business ambassador, and maintenance?

The economy has reopened and continues to come back to life at a rapid pace, yet the hospitality industry is struggling to keep up with the demands and finding the right fit to onboard new team members. Who would have thought sitting back a year ago that we would be scrambling in this fashion post-pandemic?

Though certainly better than the alternative, mid-pandemic life , its far from ideal and people definitely have to empathize for the complete As* kicking our friends in the hospitality world, on the front lines, standing at the front desk, cleaning the rooms, staying late, coming early, covering shifts, the list goes on and on, are feeling as they maneuver through the tough times.

Not to layer on an additional level of stress, but with everyone being so reactive right now, how are your teams staying in front of the future targets, revenue, recruiting, sales, group pipeline, etc.?

The feast and famine are very real states of business and in most cases you have to get through the famine to enjoy the feast, especially in the hospitality world. We’re currently in the famine phase, just making ends meet, doing everything we can to hold the teams together and get back to our abundance of leads and customers. 3 months from now when we are staffed up and have the train back on the tracks, we’ll be feasting, right? WRONG! Without intentionally mapping out a plan, creating dedicated time to plan and strategize for the future, we will be living in a constant state of famine because we have not dedicated enough time to continue building the future revenue, the pipeline of events, and guests, and travel to come, AND THAT’S WHERE KSB comes in.

We’ve launched a program to allow hoteliers, entertainment venues, and restaurants alike, to focus on the customers in front of them, to take care of the employees in place, and to remove all the manusha standing in their way.

Imagine your team being able to stay ahead of their priorities, while the KSB team helps with the random tasks that take up so much precious time.

Know there’s a group coming back to town next month, but no time to reach out and prospect them? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Interested in having your brand in front of people and attending networking events? No worries! The KSB team is happy to stand in your place and represent your company.

Our clients tell us that we’ve been a life saver, a breath of fresh air, a “miracle that dropped in their lap” and they feel we’re an extended part of their team all because we are able to bring.